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Medicaid Planning and Application

It has become more and more common place for a family member to enter a nursing home because the family member is unable to live independently. The cost of nursing home care has increased dramatically and will quickly deplete a family’s assets. It is possible to maintain assets and still obtain Medicaid benefits to pay for the family member’s nursing home care.

At Zwiebel and Fairbanks, LLP, we will assist you with planning and applying for Medicaid benefits for your family member. We will review the family member’s assets, gather the documents needed in support of the application, evaluate any financial transactions which may be questioned in connection with the application, prepare the application, and provide representation before the Department of Social Services. Where appropriate, we will recommend "last minute" estate planning actions which can protect assets while obtain Medicaid benefits for the family member.

If you, a friend or a family member need assistance with obtaining Medicaid for someone who is in a nursing home, please call us in the Kingston area at 845-338-0510 or toll free at 877-ABCDLAW (222-3529). You may also contact us via email.

We are the right lawyers for helping obtain Medicaid benefits for a loved one in a nursing home.